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A special bundle with everything you need to master Fractions, Decimals and Percentages in Year 6. Usually £115 when purchased separately.

Find out why this bundle is key to progress in Year 6 maths



This Fractions bundle will help build important foundations in fractions, decimals and percentages. There is a reason why these areas take up the majority of the marks awarded in the Year 6 SATs and it is because the areas are truly the foundation of making progress in maths and are the key areas to focus on to allow a smoother transition to Year 7.

This resource bundle contains  32 video tutorials and 39 worksheets. Save £15 by purchasing the bundle instead of purchasing separately for £115. This is perfect to help your child master the most important areas of maths and build their confidence going forward into Year 7. Using a private tutor you would pay almost £1000* for the learning material contained here but you get to keep all of this for life and watch, replay, rewind or accelerate as you please for just a tiny fraction of the price! Don’t forget, this doesn’t expire either so you can keep and use it for any other children in your family who are approaching Year 6 in the next few years!

Included in this bundle:

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* Based on the standard rate of 32 lessons at £30 each

**Please click on the download link after purchasing. A copy of this will be included in your emailed receipt. Please ensure you use your correct email address when purchasing.


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