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Pocket Private Tutor has everything your child needs to effectively prepare for the SATs and exceed their learning goals.

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My Revision Grids contain SATs style questions that cover content from the Year 5 & 6 Curriculum to help your child prepare effectively.

From time to time I will also send useful information regarding the Key Stage Two tests!


About the SATs EBooks

Each Year 6 SATs Ebook covers an area from the actual Year 6 National Curriculum so your child can study everything that could possibly appear on a SATs test. With access to such a comprehensive library of resources, it means that they can learn what is most beneficial to their own progress. No more worrying that something wasn't covered in school because of the demands of a big class! You can purchase EBooks that cover any of the math topics (Fractions, Algebra, Measures etc..) or for a discounted price, purchase all of them as a bundle. Each learning objective comes with an easy to follow video tutorial, practice worksheet(s) and actual past SATs question examples.

All of my  learning materials can be used by your children completely independently. However, it can also be used to support parents and carers to understand the current methods so you can support your child better with their learning.


About Me

I’m Moona the Maths Coach and I’ve personally prepared hundreds of pupils for the SATs using my proven strategy. I help children feel confident about, and actually look forward to sitting the SATs. More importantly, I help them develop learning habits and positive mindsets that benefit them way beyond the SATs. Many of my pupils have already gone on to sit the Higher Papers in their GCSEs because of the solid foundations they built using my methods.

As well as teaching and tutoring I have also marked the maths SATs papers so I am super familiar with the styles of questions but also with the common errors children make. I have a very good idea of the math areas that are commonly neglected because teachers have an incredibly tough time trying to cover a large curriculum with big classes of children with different abilities. This has only been exacerbated by school closures. In 2022, there were the worst SATs results ever since they began across the UK. In 2023 results only marginally increased after reducing the grade boundaries- so less marks were needed to qualify as a pass. My goal is to empower pupils by accessing the learning they need.

Some of the Best Resources to

Help your Child Pass their Year 6 SATs!

Make learning easy and fun

Make learning easy and fun

With a quick and simple download, your child will be able to learn in the comfort of your own home straight from a mobile, tablet or laptop. You can even cast lesson videos to your smart TVs!

Accelerate progress

Accelerate progress

Take complete control of your child's learning journey. Stop wasting their time on the wrong math areas. Invest valuable revision time on the right topics for your child, at the right time for your child.

Deepen understanding

Deepen understanding

No endless repetition of the same style of question. The SATs EBooks are designed to build knowledge securely and encourage children to apply their skills to a variety of SATS style questions so they can face the real tests with confidence. They will learn lifelong skills that will benefit them beyond the SATs and up into further education.

Save money

Save money

The SATs Ebooks and other short courses are a tiny fraction of the price of weekly tuition; with the added bonus of being able to access them in your own home at any time to suit you! Lifetime access means that they can also be used again for younger siblings sitting the SATs in future years.

And Many More Advantages

With ever expanding class sizes full of varied abilities and inevitable time constraints in schools these days, a complete coverage of the curriculum can be jeopardised and will often be tailored to the needs of the majority. It is no surprise that more than 25% of parents in the UK rely on a Private Tutor to support their child’s academic needs, with 77% of those receiving extra help with Maths.

My SATs Ebooks and other short SATs courses allow your child to spend time on the areas that will enhance their learning, whether that is revisiting topics that have passed too quickly in class or learning new topics and gaining a head-start. There is plenty of opportunity to also experience more challenging material. The flexibility of my resources means they can be used to plug gaps, ensure coverage or accelerate progress! Your child can be in control of their own learning experience, ensuring the greatest chance of exceeding their learning goals.

Once your child has finished a lesson and worksheet, they can see how the mathematical skill has appeared in an actual past SATs paper so your child can become familiar with the different formats of questions and have a chance to put their new knowledge to the test!


Give your child the advantage they need

Download a SATs EBook today for a tiny fraction of the price of a real private tutor. The SATs EBooks are fully aligned to the Year 6 National Curriculum and there are 6 sample lessons available if you want to try before you buy! You can purchase one EBook from as little as £15 or buy the whole curriculum as part of a bundle at the discounted price of £200. With 49 learning objectives covered, the potential savings are huge!

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SATs EBooks cover the whole of the Year 6 National Curriculum. Study individual mathematical areas or grab the discounted bundle for the best value.

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