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In this bundle, everything from the Year 6 National Curriculum is covered and taught by an experienced Year 6 teacher and SATs marker. Worksheets and answers included.


Download all 8 Year 6 Maths Ebooks in this bundle. Every single one of the “Learning Objectives” from the Year 6 National Curriculum is covered in the courses within this bundle.

Included in the bundle are:

You will find video tutorials, which will guide your child through each skill, giving them time to pause the video, practice skills and learn everything they need to know to answer SATs questions at the end of the school year.

Every “Learning Objective” has it’s own video tutorial and a set of worksheets relevant to that skill. There is also a set of past SATs questions from previous years that show how each particular “Learning Objective” has been presented in the SATs previously.

Using this course, your child will ensure that they can learn every “Learning Objective” that has been set out by the  Year 6 National Curriculum from an experienced Year 6 teacher and SATs marker. They will be able to learn skills using the appropriate methods and learn test tips too.

These courses are designed so that your child can work completely independently. Simply download the course onto your chosen device and they are set to go! Click on the video icon in each worksheet to access the video tutorial. All they need is a laptop, tablet or phone to view the tutorial but you can also cast the videos to your smart TV if you wanted to view the tutorials on a larger screen. Print off the worksheets to work alongside the tutorial or alternatively, view the questions on your device and use paper to write down any answers.

Each of these courses can also be purchased separately:


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