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Build solid foundations in understanding of fractions. This course revisits key learning from Year 3, 4 & 5 to fill gaps in understanding. 15 video tutorials and 17 worksheets.

Now updated to include pre and post assessment materials so you can view your child’s progress against National Curriculum objectives.


Fraction FoundationsΒ covers prior fraction skills from Years 3, 4 & 5 to help fill gaps in understanding from earlier years. This is fantastic if your child is finding Year 6 fractions just a bit too tricky. They can revisit prior skills all the way back to Year 3 and rebuild those solid foundations so that they can move forward.

15 video tutorials and 17 worksheets are available to really help your child build a solid foundation in their understanding of fractions.

This purchase is for one family/ household and should not be shared or reproduced.

**Please inquire about a school licence**


  • Y3/4 To understand what a fraction is
  • Y3/4 To find a unit fraction of a number
  • Y3/4 find a non- unit fraction of a number
  • Y3/4 To begin adding and subtracting fractions <1 (Y3) & >1 (Y4)
  • Word problems 1 (no tutorial)
  • Y3/4 To recognise families of equivalent fractions
  • Y3/4 To understand and count up in tenths
  • Y4 To understand and make links to hundredths
  • Y5 To identify, name and write equivalent fractions
  • Y5 Add subtract fractions with denominators same multiple
  • Y5 Find a fraction of an amount
  • Word Problems 2Β (no tutorial)
  • Y5 Compare and order fractions
  • Y6 Add subtract fractions with different denominators
  • Y5/6 convert improper fractions to mixed numbers using bars
  • Y5/6 multiply fractions using bars
  • Y6 divide fractions by a whole number


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