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How to tutor Year 6 maths SATs

Are you about to tutor Year 6 maths SATs? Maths tuition in Year 6 is in big demand and if you are new to being a tutor for the Year 6 Maths SATs you will need to be prepared.

Supplement your income

Tutoring is a fantastic way to supplement your income and a great way to witness a real impact on a child’s progress. Private tuition is becoming an increasingly popular choice for families as they recognise the importance of supplementing their children’s learning in the class. For tutors, it is a fantastic way to use your expertise in a really satisfying way where you can really see the difference you can make to a child’s progress.

Save time on planning

As a tutor myself, my pupils range from year 1 to year 11. While it means I avoid repetition of content, it also means a lot of extra time spent on planning and having to be really aware of age related expectations. I have often turned up to a child’s home ready to teach an angle lesson that I have prepared to find a child stressed that they didn’t understand the translation lesson they did that day. Of course, when you have a lot of experience in a year group, you can cope with that – but what if you don’t?

Complete coverage of National Curriculum

Year 6 Maths Revision APPPocket Private Tutor caters for the complete Year 6 mathematics curriculum. You have access to lesson videos, worksheets, resources and past test questions at your fingertips.

If you have been thinking of tutoring but have been put off by the time you need to invest in prepping resources, then Pocket Private Tutor is the answer to your prayers!

Comprehensive package of learning resources

It covers the whole year 6 curriculum allowing you to guide pupils through the worksheet with or without the aid of the videos. Once a child has completed an activity related to a specific learning objective you can test their understanding by attempting the past SATs questions which have been categorised according to each learning objective. For a limited time tutors are able to download the app onto one device and use it for multiple pupils.

Free download

Download the app today and take a look at the 6 free lessons to see if it would help support your role as a tutor.

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