Is SATs revision a battle?

Maths is the marmite of education

But whether you love it or hate it, helping our children with their maths homework is never as easy as we’d like.

Homework can be a battle.

Perhaps you don’t want to confuse your child with the methods you used yourself at school or don’t quite have an understanding of the latest methods being used in their school. Maybe you struggle to find the time to support your child if homework is set on inconsistent days. Perhaps your patience is simply being tested and you don’t want the time you spend with your child to end up being stressful!

As a tutor myself, I hear these comments all the time!

“Surely if the answer is correct, it doesn’t matter what method my child uses?”

Sadly, it’s not just teachers having a strange obsession with their own method, there are statutory methods which are set by the government and the, use of, or absence of them, affects points achieved in SATs tests. So consolidating the correct methods and techniques is really crucial. As a Year 6 teacher, tutor and SATs marker, I have a secure knowledge of the appropriate methods. Each lesson video has been designed to show the correct methods with a step by step approach. As a parent, you can watch alongside your child and learn the methods yourself or you can leave your child to work independently, There are plenty of opportunities to pause and give questions a go alongside the printable worksheets. Questions are designed to build skills up and get increasingly more challenging.

Out of school learning is key to progress

I haven’t met a single teacher in Year 6 who isn’t dedicated to raising the attainment of every single child in their class but in reality when you have 30 kids at varying levels, your impact can be limited. This is even more difficult with today’s classes having exeperienced disruption in their schooling. Children have all had different experiences of home schooling and so there are inevitable gaps and the differences between children is huge now! Often, a teacher will have to tailor the learning in class to the majority. So your child could be way behind and nt keeping up or they could be way ahead and be lacking stimulation and challenge.  Extra support out of school not only allows a child more time to consolidate their learning but also increases confidence and reinforces the value of education, all factors which will contribute in creating an impact on a child’s progress.

Many parents (around 27% nationally and 41% in London) opt for a Private Tutor to avoid those homework battles and ensure that their children get the appropriate support. In reality though, private tuition is not a luxury that everybody can afford. Financial commitments aside, you usually have to commit to a regular time slot which may be difficult to juggle around family activities. You also need a space in your home that can be used interrupted.

Pocket Private Tutor resources could be the solution for you.

Get the extra support needed to help your child with their SATs maths tests, using the appropriate methods and covering the complete Year 6 curriculum. There are many ways you can use the program. Your child could work independently, with a peer or with supervision from an adult.

You won’t need a stranger in your home or have to commit to a regular time slot.  Your child can pick their own learning objectives and go at a pace they feel comfortable with. They can repeat sessions as many times as they like or go ahead if they already feel confident. They can revisit topics learned in class or get a head start on areas not already covered. Another beauty is that you can take it “ on the road”. If you are away for the weekend you simply take it with you as it is downloadable on phones or tablets!

Try out 6 sample lessons

The SATs Ebooks cover each topic in the Year 6 National Curriculum, or you an buy the full bundle for the best value. With 48 tutorials, 80+ worksheets and 200+ past SATs examples, the financial commitment is minimal in comparison to a private tutor. Tailor the lesson content to the needs of your child, use the tutorials that are relevant to them, repeat things that went too quickly in class or get a head start and learn things instead of waiting for the class to catch up. Being in complete control of their learning journey with full access to any Year 6 objective will undoubtedly increase your child’s confidence and instill in them an independence that will serve them well as they move onto secondary school.

You can try out 6 sample lessons before commiting to a purchase. Check them out on my YouTube Channel.

One of 6 sample lessons from the SATs EBooks


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