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For more information about how this course can help your child, read: https://www.pocketprivatetutor.co.uk/how-to-help-your-year-5-child-catch-up-in-maths/

Download our 8 week Maths Booster Programme to help your child cover all of the learning expectations from Year 5 so they are fully prepared for Year 6.


 The Year 5 Maths Booster programme will help you identify the maths areas of the Year 5 curriculum that your child needs to focus on. An 8 week progress plan guides you through navigating the objectives by helping you to focus on and prioritise skills. Lesson tutorials and worksheets are designed to be done independently by your child and the programme also includes some bonus freebies such as the Year 5 Diagnostic Pack and Practice Arithmetic Papers.


  1. 8 week Progress Plan
  2. Year 5 Maths Checklist of skills
  3. Year 5 & 6 curriculum map to show progression of skills and coverage
  4. Diagnostic questions covering the full Year 5 Maths curriculum
  5. Video tutorials and worksheets covering 18 priority learning objectives
  6. 5 mins a day Maths with a bitesize age appropriate maths problem to keep your child engaged every day for 8 weeks.
  7. Practice Arithmetic papers in the style of Year 6 Paper 1

For more information about how the course can help you, read my blog: https://www.pocketprivatetutor.co.uk/how-to-help-your-year-5-child-catch-up-in-maths/



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