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School Licence version of the Year 5 Mathematics Booster Programme.  Use for multiple students.


Access all of the materials from the Year 5 Maths Booster Programme with a licence to use in school with multiple pupils.

The Year 5 Maths Booster programme will help you identify the maths areas of the Year 5 curriculum that pupils need to focus on. An 8 week progress plan helps you focus on and prioritise skills for your pupils. Lesson tutorials and worksheets are designed to be accessed independently by pupils or could be guided by a teacher or TA in small groups. Tthe programme also includes some bonus freebies such as the Year 5 Diagnostic Pack and Practice Arithmetic Papers.


  1. 8 week Progress Plan
  2. Year 5 Maths Checklist of skills
  3. Year 5 & 6 curriculum map to show progression of skills and coverage
  4. Diagnostic questions covering the full Year 5 Maths curriculum
  5. Video tutorials and worksheets covering 18 priority learning objectives
  6. 5 mins a day Maths with a bitesize age appropriate maths problem to keep your child engaged every day for 8 weeks.
  7. Practice Arithmetic papers in the style of Year 6 Paper 1

For more information about how the course can help you, read my blog: https://www.pocketprivatetutor.co.uk/how-to-help-your-year-5-child-catch-up-in-maths/

Ways to use the Booster Course in school:

  1. An intervention tool. Use the Diagnostic tool to firstly identify gaps from Year 5 Maths
  2. Use the curriculum map to correlate the gaps against the Year 6 Maths objectives.
  3. A handy 8 week guide can be used to schedule the programme but it can be adapted and tweaked for the needs of the children.
  4. Children can work on different lessons individually or in small groups run by support staff depending on the gaps identified and needs of your cohort. All worksheets link to an online tutorial and have the answers included to enable quick feedback.
  5. Use as a Summer Holiday or after school Programme.
  6. Use the 5 Minutes Maths A Day as a daily Fluency starter.
  7. Use the Practice Arithmetic Papers instead of past papers to get a baseline and show progress.
  8. Worksheets can be assigned as homework with access to the tutorials coming from the digital versions of the worksheet

This will be discounted during the summer holidays and will revert back to full price at the start of the next academic year.

Once purchased, the course is yours for life, there is no expiry and the course may be used for future cohorts.


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